Chris Gilreath

CEO/Founder has over 15 years of restaurant experience that has given him a deep knowledge of the opportunities that exist in saving water in the most resource-intensive industry. A tireless entrepreneur, Chris has taken his passion for business, nature, and creating simple and effective solutions in the eateries he has lead and consulted and started Recycled Hydro Solutions and its first application, Rinsewell® Smart Eco Rinse.

Tom Pedersen

CTO is an engineer who made his career through leadership in product development excellence and creating/developing lean processes in manufacturing.  Tom brings innovation and spending control to his role at Multi-Craft Contractors as Technology Director and Lean Leader and his work with RHS has proven to be a great asset in the development of the RinseWell®.  Tom holds a BSCSE and MSME from the University of Arkansas and managed an MBA on his spare time.

Keith Carvin

CFO is a senior financial executive with broad-based experience that encompasses organizations both large and small, publicly held, closely held and private equity backed. His career started in public accounting and he is CPA along with holding an MBA from the University of Tulsa. Most recently Keith was the CFO of a local company that experienced rapid growth during his tenure. Keith brings financial expertise to RHS along with experience with high growth companies.


Rick Barrows

Rick is the President of the largest mechanical contractor in Arkansas, Multi-Craft Contractors, with over 500 employees. Rick is a long-time, well-accomplished Northwest Arkansas community leader who also serves as a director at Arvest Bank and has been involved in numerous civic and community activities. With his wealth of knowledge, his contributions to RHS are invaluable in the mission to eliminate water waste.

Jim L. Lefevre

Jim is an owner and acts as Vice President of Multi-Craft Contractors. Jim is a master of his craft holding many licenses and memberships in multiple states as a project engineer leading design and operations for MCC. With 30 plus years helping to build the Springdale, Arkansas company into Arkansas’ largest mechanical contractor, Jim is a welcome expert in helping get RinseWell® quickly and efficiently developed.


Matthew Mitchell, Corporate Attorney
Friday, Eldredge, & Clark

David Pieper, Patent Attorney
Keisling & Pieper PLC

John Dye, CPA
Coffman and Company


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