Arkansas Business Journal by Mark Carter

The story of Chris Gilreath’s Recycled Hydro Solutions, at its core, represents a tale of sexy ice cream technology.

And what’s not to love about that?

Through its RinseWell product, RHS hopes to revolutionize water conservation through the dipper wells used in the food service industry, starting with ice cream shops. While most Americans probably don’t immediately link water conservation to ice cream, there’s actually a big connection. In between customers, ice cream vendors rinse the utensils – called dippers — with which they scoop out the ice cream in sink-like wells called — you got it, dipper wells. That makes for a lot of water.

RinseWell is a device made for dipper wells that’s designed to use 80 percent less water than current products like the perpetual flow dipper well that’s used in most ice cream shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Plus, it’s been proven to more effectively eliminate pathogens and allergens from utensils.

In a University of Arkansas efficacy study conducted earlier this year, RinseWell eliminated 99.64 percent of e.Coli present in utensils during a 5-second wash cycle. The perpetual flow dipper well eliminated just 8 percent. The study was conducted by UA food science researcher Dr. Kristen Gibson with Giselle Almeida.

“The head-to-head comparison for exposure times clearly shows that the RinseWell is superior at removing pathogens in 10 percent skim milk media while at the same dramatically reducing water usage,” Gibson said.

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