RHS President and Founder Chris Gilreath’s product that he believes could be a game changer in the restaurant industry is the RinseWell, which he said is an alternative to the decades-long standard drip well seen in many ice cream and coffee shops.

According to the company’s website, its technology “is a plug and play on demand rinse and sanitize station used primarily in ice cream shop settings.” In short, it eliminates the continuous flow of water that can often be among a restaurant’s highest bills outside of food and beverages.

Gilreath said real-world testing at some Shake’s locations in Northwest Arkansas have shown promising results.

“Average dipper wells (use) about a quarter-million gallons of water per year. So our aim was to try to reduce that substantially. Our approach and design was to do a plug and play system so that the true total cost was just in the unit itself. No retraining, no retrofitting, no electrical. So we were able to achieve that. Shake’s was our beta tester and we reduced water consumption by 80%.”

With such a high reduction in the amount of water used, it is easy to see how the units could be easily marketable to restaurants and small shops across the country.

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